Emerge Non-Ablative Fractional Laser Skin Resurfacing

Beautiful Skin is
Easier Than Ever with
Laser Skin Resurfacing!*

Advantages of laser skin resurfacing:
  • Flexible treatments for several skin conditions*
  • Well-tolerated, easy treatment sessions*
  • Options for no-downtime and minimal downtime treatments*
  • Excellent treatment outcomes*

Bring Your Most Beautiful Skin to Light with Fractional Laser Skin Resurfacing.  Laser skin resurfacing treats undesirable skin imperfections on your face and body.  It’s now easier than ever to improve the way your skin looks and feels, without surgery or lengthy recovery times.  Non-invasive Fractional laser skin resurfacing can quickly and easily improve a multitude of skin flaws.  It’s the skin resurfacing solution that can give you youthful, touchable, and beautiful skin from head to toe.  Easy.  Fast.  FDA-Cleared.  Laser skin resurfacing can improve the appearance of age spots, sun damage, skin tone and texture, wrinkles, surgical scars, acne scars, and stretch marks. A complimentary consultation is required.*

In 2011, over 2 million people had non-surgical cosmetic procedures to improve the quality of their skin.  Many dermatological conditions can contribute to aging skin including mild to moderate wrinkles, pigment, and textural irregularities.  Fractional laser skin resurfacing is a proven approach to skin renewal that uses laser microbeams to create areas of treated tissue surrounded by untreated tissue.*

The body’s natural healing process then rebuilds treated tissue with new collagen and elastin, which are the building blocks of youthful-looking skin.*

The Palomar Emerge Fractional Laser provides non-ablative skin resurfacing results with little to no downtime.*

The Palomar Emerge Fractional Laser features diode laser technology using the principal of fractional photothermolysis. Pulses are delivered as an array of microbeams to create columns of coagulation in the epidermis and dermis while leaving the surrounding tissue unaffected. This allows the body’s natural healing process to create new, healthy tissue to replace the coagulated columns. The Palomar Emerge Laser is designed for ease of use in providing skin resurfacing results with minimal downtime.*

A complimentary consultation is required. All series must be prepaid.
Face | $350
Face Series of 3 | $900
Face Series of 6 | $1750
Neck | $200
Décolleté | $350
Spot Treatment | $50
Emerge & DF Infusion Treatment | $395
Emerge & DF Series of 3 – 10% off | $1067

This powerful combination treatment uses our Emerge Non-Ablative Fractional Laser… (Microneedling…without the needle!) along with Environ’s DF System… (THE BEST Skin Infusion Technology in the world!)  This is state of the art skin therapy that delivers dramatic, measurable, and achievable results.*

Frequently Asked Questions

Am I a good candidate for laser skin resurfacing?

Laser skin resurfacing works on many skin types, including very light and very dark skin.  Different resurfacing options can knock out the deepest wrinkles, improve the most challenging scars, and help correct a wide variety of other skin imperfections.  Your laser technician will discuss treatment options with you.*

How does it work?

Your laser technician uses a fractional laser from the company that invented and patented micro-fractional laser technology.  Fractional skin resurfacing with Palomar uses laser energy microbeams to create areas of affected tissue that extend through the epidermis into the dermis.  The body’s natural healing process creates new, healthy tissue to replace the areas of affected tissue, resulting in healthier, younger skin.*

How long does the treatment take?

Most treatments last no more than an hour.  Depending on the condition being treated, you laser technician may recommend a single treatment session or a series of progressive treatments for your best results.*

How quickly will I recover?

Usually you may resume your regular activities the same day following some treatments; more aggresive procedures may require several days of healing.  Ask your laser technician about what you can expect from your treatment.*

Does it hurt?

Depending on the options your laser technician selects, most people feel minimal discomfort during and after the treatment.  In some cases, your provider may recommend mild pain management options during the procedure and/or for a few days following the treatment.*

What can I expect after treatment?

Depending upon the treatment option your laser technician recommends, you can expect to experience a temporary redness, warmth, and swelling at the treatment site, which typically lasts only a few days.  In other cases, some post-care wound management may be necessary for a few days following treatment.  Your laser technician will discuss potential side effects and post-treatment expectations with you based on the type of treatment you receive.*


Testimonial1“This is a great procedure for those patients who want less downtime and are willing to come more frequently for treatments. All of my patients noticed smoother skin and were pleased with the results.*”
– Arielle Kauvar, MD

Testimonial2“I’ve found the Palomar Emerge Fractional Laser to be an easy-to-use non-ablative skin resurfacing device. It provides a non-surgical option for skin resurfacing at an affordable fee for patients.”
– David McDaniel, MD

Testimonial3“The Palomar Emerge Fractional Laser is an essential part of a total skin maintenance program. Patients want improvement without downtime and the Emerge laser answers this need.”
– David Friedman, MD

Testimonial4“The Palomar Emerge Fractional Laser fits right on my counter top and is very approachable for patients who notice and ask, ‘Do I need that?’. The ergonomics of the laser makes performing procedures comfortable and it’s easier to treat areas such as under the eyelid margin. I especially like the AutoGlide mode.”
– Dianne Quibell, MD

*Results may vary from person to person after treatment.